With approximately 11.33 million Oregon residents, the health industry in this state is booming.  With a gradually aging baby boomer generation, more and more Oregon residents are finding themselves in need of medical services.  However, for the 11.61% of Oregon residents who are uninsured, medical intervention can mean decades of debt and the threat of bankruptcy.  In addition, even with insurance from https://insurancequote.deals/oregon-health-insurance-quotes, the average annual employee premium in Oregon is about $885.  If you are interested in knowing more about what your insurance options are in the state of Oregon, then the following guide is for you.  It is designed to figure out where in life you are and suggest the Oregon health insurance options, that are open to you.

If You Do Not Have A Job and Are Under 65

If you are currently without work, then you are at risk of getting injured, having now insurance coverage, and getting debt as a result.  Depending on your yearly earnings so far, you may be eligible for Medicaid.  Designed for those struggling and earning below a certain amount, Medicaid can help to fill in the gaps left out through traditional employment until you can get a paying job again.

If You Do Not Have A Job and Are Over 65

If you are over 65 and do not have a job or pre-existing insurance plan, then you are eligible for Medicare.  Medicare is for all older Americans who would otherwise not have coverage, and can be entered into earlier in life if you meet some specific guidelines regarding age and accessibility.

If You Have A Job And No Job Coverage

A particularly vulnerable population, those who are working but do not have insurance coverage provided will need to find coverage through the Affordable Care Act national government service.  As Oregon declined to set up a state wide exchange making the process simpler for its citizens, Oregon residents have to instead go through a national website that may not have the best insurance coverage plans.  Still, through this system you can select from a number of programs based on your needs.

If You Have A Job And Coverage

If your job includes health insurance coverage, then you will probably have a range of insurance policies that differ based on need.  With this selection, your health insurance will be deducted from your paycheck directly, saving you money that would otherwise be taxed prior to getting to you.